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‘Israel’: Celebrating 60 years of terrorism

‘Israel’ is a terrorist, supremacist state, where people get officially promoted to the rank of Jews. Imagine that in the U.S people would be officially “promoted” to the rank of Christian. Better yet, imagine the outcry from the likes of the Defamation League (which calls itself anti-Defamation League !!) if in the U.S there were an official policy to promote some people to the rank of NON-JEW. Zionists are also the inventors of modern-day terrorism. The first “9/11” took place in Palestine some 55 years prior to 9/11. The target: a HOTEL buzzing with civilians. More than 90 people were killed, including Jews. So much for the myth that the zionists were freedom fighters trying to secure a “safe haven” for Jews. Since the Holocaust, a thousand times more Jews have been killed in the “Jewish” state than in the whole world combined. The total number of zionists killed in zionism’s 60-year-long (and continuing!!!) declaration of open war against the indigenous peoples of the region does not exceed 1/10th of all those killed in zionism’s terrorist campaign against Lebanon alone. The number of zionist soldiers killed since the establishment 60 years ago of the nest of terror called ‘Israel’ in the Holy Land does not exceed 22,000 (based on zionist numbers!!!) and the number of “civilians” (this includes armed settlers squatting on stolen land* in the West Bank and Gaza) killed during the same period (of SIXTY years of “Arab terror”) does not exceed 1,700 (again zionist numbers), which is slightly more than the number of civilians killed in zionist terrorist attacks against Lebanon during 33 days in July-August 2006. The amount of aid zionists receive per year almost exceeds the aid that ALL other countries combined have received in half a century. Where zionists set foot, death, destruction and grief gain a foothold. This has already happened in the U.S, unfortunately. More Americans than zionists have died for zionism and ‘Israel’. Zionists have supported terrorist and racist regimes around the world, including the oppressive dictatorial regime of the Shah in Iran (which included cooperation between MOSSAD and SAVAK on torture methods which were tried on those opposed to the Shah’s undemocratic rule), apartheid South Africa (which carried out a policy of removal of “black spots” and the establishment of bantustans not unlike what the zionists are doing today in Occupied Palestine**), and the junta in Burma/Myanmar, to name just a few. Zionists have also been the driving force behind the denial of the Armenian genocide, sometimes justifying it on the basis of “realpolik”, at other times on the basis that it belittles (!) the WWII Holocaust. Anyway, what better way to show what the zionists are celebrating than to post pictures of what exactly it is that they are celebrating?

* Lands occupied in 1948 were also stolen. It is a well-known fact (admitted to by zionists themselves) that prior to the zionist onslaught against civilians and the depopulation of Palestinian and Lebanese villages, the zionists did not have ownership of more than 6% of all of Mandate Palestine.

** Including territories occupied in 1948.

The first modern-day terrorist attack :

Zionists “make the desert bloom”. Location: Al-Quds (Jerusalem) :

Yaffa, April 1948. Zionists sow death and destruction during “Operation Chametz” (signifying the ethnic cleansing of Yaffa from its indigenous Palestinian — Muslim AND Christian — population), long before any Arab force “invaded” Palestine :

According to zionist historiography, Palestinians obeyed Arab leaders’ orders (allegedly transmitted by radio — no proof of this exists, by the way) and left their homes. Zionist storytellers forgot to add that Arabs destroyed their own houses before leaving, so that they would then blame the Jews for it…!! :

Palestinians destroyed their Mosques, too. You are looking here at the picture of the Muslim terrorist who did it…! :

More Muslim terrorists… caught red-handed in acts of terror against the freedom fighting zionists who were only acting in self-defence. Don’t let their size fool you. Junior terrorists have as much destructive power as senior ones…! :

Here are some senior terrorists! :

Generations of terrorists…! Don’t be fooled by their looks of innocence. They’re nowhere close to being innocent. If they had won, they would have thrown Jews into the sea.. See how powerful that granny is ? I bet she would have thrown 10 Jews into the sea… Scary, no? Yup, so let’s celebrate ‘Israel’s’ 60th anniversary of land theft, occupation, and terror. I guess it’s cause for celebration for the zionists, after all, had it not been for it, 25,000 Jews would have been alive and well and relaxing in Hawaii or some other place instead of fighting colonialist wars and serving imperialist interests… :


4 Responses

  1. Jazakallah Akhi for raising voice against zionists terrorists.But the real thing is that world knows….they know everything…DOnt u see arab leaders knowing everything but doing nothing? How many arab countries supported Hamas led goverment who came with pure democracy?? Alas! even arabs are sleeping ..
    May Allah awake Muslim Ummah

  2. Excellent post.. .let the World see what these NaZionists are really celebrating.. the victims of Nazi Germany are now the oppressors of the Palestinians.


  3. Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim,
    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,
    Ukhti al-karima, alhamdulillah our Umma seems to be experiencing an awakening. All those who are betting on in-fighting among Muslims are getting increasingly disappointed and desperate. There is increasing cooperation between the various Resistance movements in Falasteen and Lebanon and Iraq , and so on, and the final victory is coming our way soon, insha’Allah. La hawla wala quwwata illa billah, wallahu lil mazloom khayru mu2ayyid.

  4. Hi ATW, thanks, glad you like the post. More needs to be done to get the word out to Western audiences. I do not think that most in the West know much about what the Palestinians have been going through for the past 60 years and more (important to note: zionist crimes did not just start in 1948). We have enough works in Arabic aimed at Arabic audiences, time to move on to more challenging projects. We’re 60 years late but as they say, better late than never. The Palestinian Information Center is a good step in that direction, so spread the word.

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