Beirut 26 years ago today

On June 6, 1982, ‘Israel’ embarked on yet another of its terrorist campaigns, this time aimed at ethnically cleansing Lebanon of Lebanese and Palestinians. The name of the operation was “Operation Peace for Galilee”. ‘Israel’ always justifies its ethnic cleansing operations by insisting they are aimed at bringing “peace” to its citizens. This labeling policy continues to this day, although it seems that the names of operations have become even more sinister over the years… for example, one of the operations was called “operation locked kindergarten.” By the time it was wrapped up, 22 Palestinian civilians had been killed, most of them children.

‘Israelis’ will never understand that there is no place for racists and thieves like them in Palestine. ‘Israelis’ think that we ‘understand’ the language of force and violence. But as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on September 22, 2006, “Does this enemy not know who we are? We are the sons of that Imam who said: ‘Are you threatening me with death? We are used to death and our dignity is derived from the martyrdom God grants us.'”


Trying to depopulate Beirut and occupy it using scare tactics and, failing to impress the populace, implementing the threats with full force:

To the residents: The Israeli Defense Army continues its war against the terrorists and has not yet used its entire force. But it is not aimed at hurting the innocent citizens or those who have not fought against it.

You, resident of Beirut, take the ceasefire opportunity and save your life. You have before you the following opportunities-

A:- By way of the forces of the Israel Defense Army eastward on the Beirut-Damascus highway or B:-Northward in the direction of Tripoli.

Save your life and the life of your dear ones.

(signed):-The Command, Israeli Defense Army Forces

“it is not aimed at hurting the innocent citizens or those who have not fought against it.”

So we now know that of the 50,000+ citizens killed by the ‘Israeli’ “Defense” Army in Beirut, none were “innocent”, and all of them had fought against ‘Israel’ (I didn’t know one could fight ‘Israel’ from Beirut, but I guess we learn something new every day).


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