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zionists at it again

The zionists are at it again. ‘Israeli’ leaders are lying once more and doing another of their clownish dances via their “hasbara” outlets aka the zionist media, hoping that by doing that they might just manage to pull a rabbit out of a magic hat. I’m talking about the reports about the indirect prisoner exchange deal that is in the works. For the past 2 days ‘Israeli’ media had been readying the public for the clownish dance; and it seems the dance has finally been staged: ‘Israel’ is now threatening us with canceling the deal by hanging its dirty laundry in public, thinking that by airing such fake threats and lies about “new” demands (release of more Palestinian prisoners) on our part, it might just avert a domestic political tsunami. These clowns don’t realize how funny and pathetic and desperate they look, especially from where we’re standing. Anyway, a Lebanese source close to Hezbollah has denied that we have changed our demands and introduced new ones. The source also added that Hezbollah insisted from day 1, and continues to insist, that the Arad-Quntar “exchange” be separate from the other exchange, because ‘Israel’ reneged on its word in 2004 and refused to release Samir Quntar in what was known as the Tannenbaum exchange. So, in the up and coming exchange, Quntar will be freed in exchange for a report on unsuccessful efforts at retrieving information on Ron Arad. In other words, Quntar will be released in return for… nothing (let us not mince words). 🙂

But lo and behold, the zionists can’t even hold the line and cover up on their lies for too long. Some zionist security sources referred to the fact that the crisis was invented by the ‘Israeli’ government in the last moment for considerations that they could not identify, and said that they had no knowledge of any new demands by Hezbollah.

Then again, that’s a moot point. All you have to do is poll the ‘Israelis’ as to whose word they trust more: that of their lousy leaders, or that of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.


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