Outline of exchange agreement

The outline of the prisoner exchange agreement:

  • ALL Lebanese prisoners in zionist dungeons will be freed, including Samir Quntar.
  • The remains of ALL Lebanese Martyrs, which numbers around 200, only 9 of which were from the July 2006 war.
  • Solid information on the fate of Yehia Skaff will be provided.
  • Solid information on the fate of the four Iranian diplomats kidnapped by ‘Israel’s’ allies in Lebanon will be provided.
  • Release of a large number of Arab and Palestinian prisoners.

In return:

  • The release of the two captured ‘Israeli’ PoW.
  • The remains of ‘Israeli’ soldiers killed in Lebanon in July 2006.

Hezbollah was willing to hold the exchange in two stages. In the first stage, Hezbollah would have provided information on the health condition of the two soldiers and a detailed report on its efforts to get information on the fate of Ron Arad. In return, ‘Israel’ would have been required to pay a “humanitarian price” by releasing some prisoners or the remains of some Martyrs, in addition to Samir Quntar (in return for the report on Ron Arad). However, ‘Israel’ rejected this generous offer (to use Barak’s famous words). After ‘Israel’s’ rejection, the German mediator attempted to get information on the fate of the 2 soldiers, but failed. In other words, ‘Israel’ lost out on the offer to provide information on the fate of its two soldiers because it was unwilling to pay a (reasonable) price for it… After a while, it found no way out but to accept our demands, but proposed a minor change, which was fine with us: the exchange would not take place on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine as was the case with the Nassim Nisr exchange, but via Germany as was the case in 2004. The idea was that an exchange on the border would have given — according to zionist logic! — Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah the “opportunity” to declare another victory in South Lebanon… Great, we’ll declare our victory at Beirut Airport then. What’s the big deal about it? Olmert & co., you are such losers, it’s not even funny.


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