Wiam Wahab: Saudi Arabia has brought calamities upon Lebanon

Wiam Wahab, the head of the Tayyar al-Tawhid al-Lubnani (Lebanese Unification Movement), released a statement in response to the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Qabbani, who had defended Saudi Arabia and its role in Lebanon earlier. Below is the text of the statement:

We were not surprised that the Mufti Muhammad Rashid Qabbani volunteered to defend the policies of the Saudi regime, this regime that has brought calamities upon Lebanon and the region due to its American commitments. But we would like to pose the following questions to him:

First: Did his eminence read the text of the latest American-Saudi treaties that render the Holy places in Mecca and Medina areas of American control that cannot be entered without permission from the CIA, or is the Mufti busy reading the notebooks of instigating sedition in Lebanon?

Second: Can the Mufti tell us about the role that the Kingdom played in destroying Iraq and killing 1 million Muslims and Iraqis after it facilitated the Americans’ task without a shaking conscience and without batting an eye?

Third: Can the Mufti tell us what role his (sic) Kingdom played in putting an end to the killing in Palestine and the starvation and siege of the people of Gaza (who are Sunni Muslims)?

Fourth: Can the Mufti clarify for us why his Kingdom is buying tens of billions of dollars worth of American weapons, and against whom it wants to use them, while tens of millions of Arabs and Muslims are hungry all over the world?


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