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2002: Muslims in Gujarat were ‘stripped, burned and hacked’; Islamophobic world ignored this too

Gujarat victims were ‘stripped, burned and hacked’

Two months after the event that triggered Gujarat’s pogrom, Muslims in the western Indian state are still counting the cost. Yesterday, 40 survivors came to Delhi to tell journalists and parliamentarians how their relatives and friends had been stripped, raped, burned and mutilated.

A boy of 11, Raja Bundubhai, recalled seeing his mother and sister stabbed then burned alive. A woman identified as Reshma recounted how she saw a heavily pregnant woman called Kausar Bano “being brutally raped … Her stomach was carved open, her baby flung into the fire before she was sexually abused, cut up and burnt.”

On 27 February, a mob of Muslims in the town of Godhra attacked a train carriage full of Hindu activists returning from the temple town of Ayodhya, killing 59. Hindu retaliation in the days that followed left hundreds of Muslims dead in pogroms that shamed India and appalled the world.

And although the scale of violence has slackened, peace has yet to return to the state, famed as the home of Mahatma Gandhi and as an economic powerhouse before it became a byword for savagery.

At least 35 people have been killed in Ahmedabad, the commercial capital, in the past week. “They [Hindus] provoke us by yelling insults and bursting crackers during the night,” said Iqbal Kansara, who lives in Juhapura, a large Muslim area. “Youngsters who can’t stand the insults come out to retaliate and police fire at them.”

The state government says some 850 people have died in the violence, but a secret report by British diplomats leaked this week to the BBC says at least 2,000 died. The report claims that far from being a spontaneous eruption of Hindu anger after the Godhra outrage, the violence was pre-planned and carried out with the support of the state government.

The British officials said the violence had all the marks of ethnic cleansing, and that reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims was impossible while the controversial chief minister, Narendra Modi, was in place. Mr Modi heads the Hindu nationalist BJP government, and Gujarat is now the only sizeable state where the party that leads the ruling coalition in Delhi is in power. For this reason the central government is accused by the opposition of doing nothing to bring about normality. A censure motion on the government’s performance on Gujarat will be debated next week.

Delhi claims Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, has apologised for the leaking of the report, but there have been many European rebukes. A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said some governments were interfering and could damage relations. The “interference”, however, is unlikely to end as long as the government ignores the worst communal bloodletting in 10 years.

Tens of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat remain crammed into squalid camps, too scared to return to their homes. Some commentators believe cold political calculation by the BJP is to blame. The Indian Express said: “Because of the severe beating that the Muslims have taken … no Hindu is safe unless governments … partial to us are put in place.”


Flashback to India in 1992: Hindu terrorists destroy 16th century Mosque, Islamophobic world ignores it

1992: Mob rips apart mosque in Ayodhya

A mob of Hindu militants has torn down a mosque and attacked other Muslim targets in the north Indian town of Ayodhya, in one of India’s worst outbreaks of inter-communal violence.

The gathering at the mosque began as a religious procession organised by three right-wing Hindu groups, including the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Hindu extremists have been campaigning to get rid of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya, a focus for Hindu-Muslim hostility for decades.

They want to build a Hindu temple in its place, to mark what they believe to be the birthplace of the Hindu warrior king, Lord Ram.

Court order

A court has already ordered that the mosque be protected from demolition.

The leaders of the three parties promised to stand by the court’s decision, and said today’s demonstration would be limited to a religious ceremony symbolising the laying of the first bricks of a Hindu temple.

But before the ceremony could start, the 200,000-strong crowd broke through police cordons.

They used hammers to knock down the three domes of the mosque, and then tore at the bricks with their bare hands until the building was totally destroyed.

The government had brought in hundreds of extra police, but eyewitnesses said they stood by and allowed the destruction to take place.

The mob also turned on Indian and foreign journalists recording the scene, before moving on to attack Muslim houses and property in the area.

Backlash feared

The violence has sent shockwaves throughout the country.

Security forces throughout the north are on high alert, fearing a backlash from India’s 120 million strong Muslim population, and the government has sent paramilitary reinforcements to the area.

The cabinet met in emergency session and dismissed the BJP-led government in Uttar Pradesh for failing to protect the mosque.

The state – and its 150 million inhabitants – will be ruled directly from New Delhi.

The Prime Minister, Narasimha Rao, has repeatedly appealed for calm in radio and television broadcasts.

“What happened today is a matter of great concern and shame for all Indians,” he said.

The leader of the BJP, Lal Krishna Advani, described the incident as “very unfortunate”, and appealed to the crowd still at the Babri mosque site to leave.


Mumbai attacks

I don’t see why everyone is assuming the attackers were Muslim. So far there are NO indications that they are Muslim. Get that. NONE. It’s all assumptions, and WRONG ones.

All the indications so far disprove the claim they were Muslim.
Eyewitnesses at different locations have said that some of the attackers looked like “foreigners”, with “light” skin, and one even said some of them had blonde hair. Another said they were at a cafe, drank BEER, paid their bill, then got up and took their guns out of their backpacks and started firing.

First, how many Pakistanis or Indian Muslims are “light skinned” or “blonde”? One could likewise say the same about most Muslims not being blonde and fair-skinned, although there are quite a few who are (mostly in Bosnia, Chechnya, and some in Lebanon, Syria, etc.). And second, how many Muslims would drink BEER (the eyewitnesses were specific about the beer) ? And if they were “Muslims” and drinking beer, what makes the attack “Islamic terror” then?

It seems that this is an outside (or joint outside-Indian) job, that will now be made to look by India to have been the work of Pakistan. It’s an artificially induced campaign against Pakistan and India’s Muslims (recall the destruction of the Babri Mosque? recall the Gujarat pogroms and ethnic cleansing? All done while the so-called “world’s most populous democracy” turned a blind eye). This would also explain the eyewitness accounts about policemen joining in at the railway station and firing at civilians instead of shooting the attackers, and then the attackers simply walking away without a scratch, and then the police saying that the eyewitnesses must’ve been mistaken due to the fact that they were “in shock”. I mean, what are the chances that none of the eyewitness testimonies could be relied on because all of them, at various locations, were all allegedly in shock?

The so-called e-mail claim of responsibility is fishy, and must’ve been done to, from the very start, plant the seed in people’s minds that this was a case of “Islamic terror”. Also, there are now pictures flowing in of one of the attackers at the rail station, and he is wearing western clothing, does not have a beard, and is wearing an orange ribbon around his wrist. You know who wears those wristbands? You got it right, the Hindu extremists and terrorists. The same ones who destroyed the Babri Mosque in 1992 and ethnically cleansed Gujarat of Muslims in 2002.

There is also much to be said about the veil of secrecy regarding the whole affair by Indian authorities, the unsubstantiated accusations against Pakistan by the Indian PM, and the fact that the chief of counter-terrorism unit, who had earlier made comments about Hindu extremism, was killed. I bet the Jewish element was thrown in to convince the skeptical masses that this was a case of “Islamic anti-Semitism.”

This seems to have been a job well done (or maybe not so, since the eyewitnesses who saw the attackers were not all finished off) by joint CIA-Indian Intelligence teams. The readiness to officially blame Pakistan for it based on alleged proofs that India has refused to provide to world public opinion, speaks volumes, and combined with eyewitness accounts, rules out that the perpetrators were Muslims, let alone that they were doing it in the name of Islam.

Case closed, until further proofs are presented to back up the accusations and assumptions that the perpetrators were Muslims. The Islamophobic world once again uses the tragedy that has struck innocents, to rear its ugly head.

Kish islanders must be vetted

Kish island is a haven for terrorists, american and zionazi intelligence agents,  and anti-Iranian “activists”. All islanders must be vetted, and the traitors must be arrested, tried, and imprisoned or executed for killing Iranian citizens, threatening the stability of the country and the security of the citizens. What was a “former” FBI agent doing on Kish island? I love how they always add “former” to any FBI agent who goes missing, I guess current FBI agents never get caught. A security consultant specializing in cigarette smuggling?? Wow, that’s some interesting job title.


U.S. presses Iran for information on missing FBI agent

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The State Department called on Iran on Friday to pony up any information it has on a former FBI agent who vanished there last year.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack urged Tehran to share “any and all information” about Robert Levinson, who disappeared from Iran’s Kish Island over 19 months ago.

“The U.S. Department of State remains committed to determining Mr. Levinson’s whereabouts, and returning him safely to his family that includes seven children, one grandchild and a second grandchild on the way,” McCormack said in a statement.

Senior administration officials say the United States is increasing pressure on Iran to provide information on Levinson’s whereabouts. Several officials have said they suspect Iranian authorities are holding Levinson in a jail inside the country.

However, they stress they have no information confirming their suspicions and have consistently voiced frustration with the lack of developments in the case.

“Some people suspect he is being held by the Iranian government, but nobody knows that for a fact, or we would be saying that,” one senior State Department official said. “We all agree the Iranians are not putting forth 110 percent effort to find this man.”

Levinson is a retired FBI agent from Coral Springs, Florida. After leaving the agency, his wife says, he worked as a security consultant specializing in cigarette smuggling.

Last week, Undersecretary for Political Affairs William Burns, the State Department’s third-ranking official, met with Levinson’s family, and earlier this fall, the State Department sent a diplomatic note to Tehran through the Swiss government, which represents the U.S. interests in Iran in the absence of an American diplomatic presence in the country.

In September, Christine Levinson flew to the United Nations in New York to ask questions about her husband.

She sought a meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was at the United Nations for the U.N. General Assembly. But Ahmadinejad declined to meet with her.

Last year, she traveled to Iran to try to retrace her husband’s steps. Back then, Iranian officials told her they would investigate and report back to her. She still hasn’t heard a word.

The State Department and FBI have denied he was working for the government and has demanded that Iran free Levinson — if it is holding him.

Levinson says her husband suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure and has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to his safe return.

Last year, CNN reported that Levinson met with Dawud Salahuddin, an American fugitive who lives in Iran, shortly before his disappearance.

Salahuddin — known in Iran as Hassan Abdulrahman — converted to Islam and was given refuge in Iran after admitting in interviews to killing Ali Akbar Tabatabai, a former Iranian diplomat under the shah, in Maryland in 1980.

Salahuddin said he was detained by Iranian officials in plain clothes and taken away from the room he shared with Levinson to be interrogated about his Iranian passport.

When he was freed the next day, he said, he was told by officials that Levinson had returned to Dubai.

Senior administration officials have told CNN that they think Salahuddin met with Levinson, but do not believe him to be a credible source of information on Levinson’s whereabouts.

McCormack said the State Department is trying to keep the public aware of the case in the hopes of finding a fresh clue about Levinson’s whereabouts.

“We’re always looking for ways to maybe break loose that vital piece of information or the vital lead that may help us,” McCormack said.

He asked anyone with information about his case to contact the State Department or the Levinson family via their Web site.