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Morocco: we can’t stop the march of Islam (Shi’ism), so we blame the Shi’ites (and Iran)

Press TV reports :

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry on Friday accused Iran’s Embassy in Rabat of trying to “alter the religious fundamentals of the kingdom” and threaten the religious unity of the Sunni Arab kingdom.

By “religious unity” they mean the predominance of Sunnism, and not actual unity between different (Religious) groups/sects. They are talking about the astronomical “conversion” rates from “Sunnism” to true (Shi’ite) Islam. They cannot stop it because they have lost the Religious debate before it even started. They never had an argument to begin with. And this is precisely why they refuse to accept being challenged to a debate. They know they will lose. They know they have lost. And because they know this, and because they know the only way to stop the march of truth is through crackdown and violence and terrorism and mass-murder, they engage in it. But, ironically, their actions only confirm their weakness and fabrications. Whatever they do, they only strengthen us, and bring more people to our side. Islam is winning. Us Shi’ites are the true Sunnis, because WE are the ones who are the PEOPLE OF THE SUNNAH.

The fact that so-called “Sunnis” are more worried about Shi’ism winning the hearts and minds of people than about ‘israeli’ mass-murder, the fact that they are busy killing Shi’ites instead of firing a single bullet at the zionists or american occupiers, shows how desperate they are, and shows that us Shi’ites, despite enduring centuries of oppression, persecution, and mass-murder at the hands of oppressors who claimed to be persecuting us in the name of Islam, have won. Blood has won over the oppressors’ sword.

Allahu akbar fawqa kaid al-mu`tadi!!!

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