A PhD student in Britain, who traveled to Iran prior to the western-backed street riots, is Moussavi’s “aide”

So I guess Moussavi has a dearth of people who live in Iran and are qualified to be his aides and has chosen as his aide a student living in the UK? I can only imagine Obama’s campaign aide living in Sweden or something like that, and traveling to the U.S just before or during elections. Yes, that makes a lot of sense.

Mousavi aide banned from leaving Iran

The head of defeated presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s information committee, Abolfazl Fateh, has not been allowed to leave the country for Britain.

Following the recent incidents and a move by some Mousavi supporters to provoke people to hold “illegal gatherings”, Fateh – who is a PhD student in Britain – has been banned from leaving Iran, Fars news agency reported.

Fateh has been banned from leaving the country so that some issues behind the gatherings can be clarified, the news agency reported.

Following the announcement of the results of Iran’s 10th presidential elections, supporters of some candidates took to the streets to protest against alleged irregularities in the election process.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Interior Ministry has repeatedly declared that it has not issued any permit for the rallies and has stressed that such protests are illegal.

Iranian authorities have urged the defeated presidential candidates and their supporters to lodge their complaints through legal channels, rather than staging street protests.



Britain, do not mess with the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN

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  • 18 June 2009: Over $1.6 bn of Iranian assets frozen in Britain


  • 19 June 2009: EU leaders step up Iran election criticism

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he wanted good relations with Iran as long as Tehran is “able to show to the world that its elections have been conducted fairly and that there is no unfair suppression of rights and of individuals”.


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West rewards ‘israel’ for murdering 1000 civilians, Hezbollah responds

حزب الله يدين قرار الأمم المتحدة بترؤس الكيان الصهيوني للجنة السكان والتنمية

يدين حزب الله قرار الأمم المتحدة بترؤس الكيان الصهيوني للجنة السكان والتنمية في الأمم المتحدة, ويرى فيه تواطؤا مع كيان إجرامي خارج على القانون تأسس على قتل السكان وتدمير ممتلكاتهم وبيوتهم وخنق أية إمكانية لنموهم وازدهارهم فضلا عن أن يحيوا حياة حرة وكريمة.
إن حزب الله إذ يستنكر الدعم الأوروبي لهذا القرار فانه يعتبره محاولة للتعمية وتبرئة إسرائيل من جرائمها المستمرة ويتساءل ماذا يريد ما يسمى بالعالم الحر والمتحضر مثالا ابلغ مما تفعله آلة القتل الإسرائيلية من تدمير وقتل وتشريد وحصار في قطاع غزة. ليتوقف عن الاستهانة بحقوق الإنسان التي طالما أتحفنا بالدفاع عنها. هل هذه هي التنمية وتنظيم الإسكان التي يريدها العالم الغربي؟ انها وصمة عار في جبين الإنسانية.
يدعو حزب الله الدول العربية والإسلامية والدول الصديقة كافة إلى عدم الاكتفاء بالاحتجاج والمبادرة إلى عمل حازم لمقاطعة هذه اللجنة وإسقاط رئاسة إسرائيل لها.ا

Hezbollah condemns the UN decision to assign the zionist entity as the head of the population and development committee

Hezbollah condemns the UN decision to assign the zionist entity as the head of the population and development committee and sees in it complicity with a murderours outlaw entity established by the killing of populations and the destruction of their properties and houses and the choking off of any possibility for their growth and development as well as of a free and dignified life.

Hezbollah condemns European support for this decision and considers it an attempt at obscuring, and at acquitting ‘israel’ of its continuing crimes; and wonders, what better example does the so-called free and civilized world want in order to stop disregarding human rights which it always claimed it defended, than what the ‘israeli’ killing machine does in the Gaza Strip: destruction, murder, displacement, and siege? Is this the development and organization of housing that the western world wants? It is an affront to humanity.

Hezbollah calls on Arab and Islamic countries and all friendly states not to be satisfied merely with protesting, but to initiate decisive action to boycott this committee and shoot down ‘israel’s’ chairmanship thereof.