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‘Hunting’ Palestinians is a zionist hobby

The numbers say it all.

  • 5421 Palestinians have been killed by zionist terrorists since the Second Intifada in 2000.
  • 1364 Palestinians have been killed since the capture of zionist terrorist Gilad Shalit (25 June 2006).
  • Of the 1364 Martyrs, 1167 were killed in the Gaza Strip, 190 in the West Bank, and 7 in Occupied Jerusalem.
  • Of the 1364 Martyrs killed over the past 2 years, 193 were children (under the age of 18).
  • Between 25 June 2006 and December 31 2006, 505 Palestinians were killed, among them 87 children. Of these, 441 were killed in the Gaza Strip, 63 in the West Bank, 1 in Occupied Jerusalem.
  • From the day of the capture of Shalit to the end of that month (i.e. a period of 5 days), 5 Palestinians were killed. In July of the same year 180 were killed; in August, 77; in September, 31; in October, 59; in November, 139; in December, 14.
  • In 2007, 412 Palestinians were killed, among them 42 children.
  • Of those who were killed in 2007, 315 were killed in Gaza, 91 in the West Bank, and 6 in Occupied Jerusalem.
  • May 2007 was the most ‘busy’ month for the zionist ‘hunters’, with a whopping 66 Palestinians shot dead. It was busy in December as well, with 64 Palestinians killed. In August, 50 were killed; in June, 45; in October, 39; in September, 36; in November, 32; in July, 30; in April, 22; in January, 14; in February, 13; in March, 11.
  • From the start of 2008 up until 25 June 2008, 447 Palestinians were killed, among them 64 children. Of the 447, 411 were killed in the Gaza Strip and 36 in the West Bank. March 2008 was the busiest month for the zionists, with 121 Palestinians shot dead, followed by 91 in January, 88 in February, 76 in April, 44 in May, 27 in June (i.e. this month).

An umbrella for land theft: “we will get an equal amount of land elsewhere”

Zionist Palestinian leaders constantly give cover for the ongoing zionist land theft by saying that it is still possible to arrive to a “two-state solution”. The “solution”, according to these people, is the replacement of the stolen land with an “equal” amount of land from “Israel”-proper. So let us take a look at the map of the West Bank, shall we? Just to get an idea about the value of the stolen lands that are being annexed unilaterally by the apartheid wall and the value of the land that is being squatted on but not annexed by the wall. Continue reading

“Palestine does not exist!”

‘Israeli’ propagandists always talk about how Palestinians don’t recognize ‘Israel’, and how ‘Israel’ does not figure on Palestinian maps. A quick look at the official ‘Israeli’ tourism website and its ‘maps of Israel’ shows that Palestine has no existence on ‘Israeli’ maps. The whole area of 1948 Palestine, with the exception of what the map denotes as ‘Azza Strip’ is ‘Israel’. Of course, pointing to the ‘Israeli’ tourism ministry maps is an exercise in futility since ‘Israel’ has never recognized the right of the Palestinian people to statehood, not even on what little remains of Palestinian land that is not squatted on by zionist land thieves. Anyway, here’s the map, which also includes occupied Golan Heights…